Silver Lion 2015 - Venice Biennale

Silver Lion 2015
Venice Biennale


Premiered on 07.07.2007 at GREC Festival de Barcelona.

Autopsy is a trilogy built around three themes: loneliness, guilt, and resurrection. The three parts of this trilogy, Autopsy, Mil Tristes Tigres and Europa, respectively explore these issues through a drama that relies on visual theater, dance and performance, and integrates video and multimedia elements in its formalization. Europa, the third part of this trilogy, suggests a reflection on the notion of resurrection.

“We force ourselves to be reborn from our ashes every day. We, exhausted phoenix, stuffed with drugs and silicon with the sole mission and possibility of crashing every day against ourselves. We are the power. We are the future. We are the children of the new era that is coming. But neither we have nor instruction manuals nor an idea to embrace. So we only have two choices: make up or explode. And we’ll do it with a hymn. But what?”


Original idea and direction: Àlex Serrano Tarragó / Dramaturgy: Pau Palacios, Àlex Serrano / Creation and performance: Diego Anido, Ester Forment, Susana Gómez / Choreography: Ester Forment / Assistant director and Producer: Alicia Gorina and Barbara Bloin / Lighting: Isabel Franco / Music: Sebastián García Ferro / Interactive video application: Martí Sanchez -Fibla/ Space and costumes: Silvia Delagneau / Dressmaking: Rosa Pozuelo / Photographs: Vicenzo Rigogliuso.

A production by

Agrupación Señor Serrano, Festival GREC and Festival Temporada Alta.

With the support of

AREAtangent, La Caldera and ICAC Generalitat de Catalunya.

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