Silver Lion 2015 - Venice Biennale

Silver Lion 2015
Venice Biennale


Premiered on 19.03.2011 at Tilt Festival, Perpignan.

Four performers, eleven scaled models and hundreds of gummy bears create the world of Katastrophe: a stupid fable about human civilization, focused on disasters. In this context, the gummy bears suffer earthquakes, oil spills, wars and extermination. Everything is performed live through chemical experiments and subversive actions. Around the stage, three large screens immerse the audience in this pop world of chaos, game and destruction.

Katastrophe questions the difference between a natural catastrophe, a ‘natural’ catastrophe caused by man and a human catastrophe. Or to put it simply, if deaths caused by a tsunami are comparable to those caused by a radioactive leak, or to those produced by an atomic bomb. We have a very clear idea about that.
Manipulating the gummy bears in the models, Katastrophe follows the impact that disasters have had on human history and the relationship that could have been established over time between violence and the violent nature of man. Thus, Katastrophe shows some stages of an invented history of a Valley, from Nature expressing on/against itself (are Cambrian massive eruptions that ended with half of the forests of the Earth a catastrophe?), to man expressing on/against itself (what drives a community to pursue and exterminate another one?) Along the path from the first glaciation to the concentration camps of the twentieth century Katastrophe also shows the faces of men who have suffered from the actions of Nature, shows these same men manipulating Nature and finally shows this manipulated Nature turning against his manipulator. And all this just to put the main question of the piece: Does the indifference toward men of action of Nature justifies the indifference of some men’s actions towards other men?
Katastrophe is nourished by the performing language that defines Agrupación Señor Serrano: performance, dance, physical theater, video in scene and interactive technologies.


Original idea: Àlex Serrano and Pau Palacios / Creation and performance: Diego Anido, Martí Sánchez-Fibla, Àlex Serrano and Pau Palacios / Assistant director and executive producer: Barbara Bloin / Interactive video: Martí Sánchez-Fibla / Video production: Josep Maria Marimon / Masks: Silvia Delagneau / Lighting consultant: Alex Aviñoa / Scientific consultant: Irene Lapuente. La Mandarina de Newton / Music: Roger Costa (themes Gummies, Spaces and Metals) / Singer: Susanna Abellán (Gummies) / Project advisor: Víctor Molina / Management: Art Republic.

A production by

Festival Hybrides de Montpellier and Agrupación Señor Serrano.

With the support of

Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Centre National des Écritures du Spectacle, Stalker Teatro, Programme Odyssée – ACCR du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Sala Beckett, Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM), Institut Ramon Llull.


Wojciech Olejnik Award and Jury’s Special Prize to the Most Creative Show, PIHT Festival 2013, Warsaw (Poland).

Jury’s Special Prize, Banialuka Festival 2012, Bielsko Biala (Poland).

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