Silver Lion 2015 - Venice Biennale

Silver Lion 2015
Venice Biennale

Mil tristes tigres

Premiered on 12.10.2006 at Festival PNRM, Olot.

Autopsy is a trilogy built around three themes: loneliness, guilt, and resurrection. The three parts of this trilogy, Autopsy, Mil Tristes Tigres and Europa, respectively explore these issues through a drama that relies on visual theater, dance and performance, and integrates video and multimedia elements in its formalization. Mil Tristes Tigres, the third part of this trilogy, suggests a reflection on the notion of resurrection.

Guilt is everywhere, under every stone, in every word, every subway station and every television commercial. And it’s a guilt that tells stories, it simply explodes wiping out everyone around. A guilt that cleans the entire landscape, which blurs everything, almost purifying. And perhaps it is this detergent destruction that allows to create something. Something to blow again.


Original idea and direction: Alex Serrano Tarragó / Creation: Diego Anido, Esther Forment, Susana Gómez and Jordi Oriol / Choreography: Ester Forment and Alex Aviñoa / Assistant director – Executive producer: Alicia Gorina / Lighting: Isabel Franco / Music: Gonzalo Piña / Interactive video application: Martí Sanchez-Fibla.

A production by

AREAtangent and Festival Neo.

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