Silver Lion 2015 - Venice Biennale

Zilveren Leeuw 2015
Biënnale van Venetië


Production currently on tour.

OLYMPUS is a theatrical series based on a critical and disruptive vision of Greek myths intended exclusively for children. Through a complex, daring and multi-referential look, OLYMPUS proposes various 45-minute volumes staged through a narrator who handles scale models, action figures, various live video cameras and online resources.


TThe myth tells that Prometheus is punished by Zeus for giving fire to human beings, thus freeing them from their bestiality. An eagle will eternally devour Prometheus’ liver for having disobeyed the boss of Olympus. Although we could say instead that an eagle will eternally devour Prometheus’ liver for having given the human race a second chance with an act of solidarity. Is Prometheus a saboteur who deserves his punishment or someone who puts himself in danger in the first person to rebel against despotic powers pursuing a collective good? How is the original myth related to the reinterpretation made by Mary Shelley through her Dr Frankenstein? Could Julian Assange be a modern-day Prometheus? Greek myths, like all myths, are there so that through them we can ask ourselves about human nature, not necessarily to find unambiguous answers.
The show is intended to be presented in its stage version, but there is an online adaptation suitable for lockdown situations.


Creation: Agrupación Señor Serrano / Dramaturgy: Àlex Serrano and Pau Palacios / Music: Roger Costa Vendrell / Scale models and costumes assistant: Lola Belles / Movement: Núria Guiu Sagarra / Pictures: Leafhopper project / Production director: Barbara Bloin / Producer: Paula Sáenz de Viteri / Technical director and light design: David Muñiz / Management: Art Republic

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Agrupación Señor Serrano

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Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat and Sala Beckett
Project part of Residenze Digitali – Armunia Centro di Residenze della Toscana

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24-25.04.2021 / Barcelona, Spain / Sala Beckett
01.05.2021 / Lleida, Spain / Fira Titelles Lleida
01-02.05.2021 / Barcelona, Spain / Sala Beckett
10.05.2021 / Gijón, Spain / FETEN
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