Silver Lion 2015 - Venice Biennale

Zilveren Leeuw 2015
Biënnale van Venetië


Online premiere, November 2020
Stage premiere, December 2020

OLYMPUS is a theatrical series based on a critical view of Greek myths intended for a family audience. Through a complex, daring and multi-referential look, OLYMPUS proposes several volumes of 45 minutes staged with a storyteller, action figures, live video and online resources.
The proposal has multiple possible setups that go from the online presentation suitable for confinement and physical distancing, to a face-to-face performance in front of an audience in a shared space.
OLYMPUS tries to bring a critical and disruptive vision of the mythology at the base of our cultural system through a multimedia, close and very direct language.
The first volume of the series is, precisely, Prometheus. The myth tells that Prometheus is punished by Zeus for giving fire to men, thus freeing them from their bestiality. An eagle will eternally devour Prometheus’ liver for having disobeyed the boss of Olympus. Although we could say instead that an eagle will eternally devour Prometheus’ liver for having given the human race a second chance with an act of solidarity. Is Prometheus a saboteur who deserves his punishment or someone who puts himself in danger in the first person to rebel against despotic powers? Does he do it sincerely and reasonably or simply out of a tantrum and giving himself importance? Greek myths, like all myths, are there so that through them we can ask ourselves about human nature, not necessarily to find unambiguous answers.

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