Silver Lion 2015 - Venice Biennale

Silver Lion 2015
Venice Biennale


Premiere July 2020

“Have you recently had a close encounter –
a close encounter with something very unusual?”
Close encounters of the Third Kind

On October 30, 1938 an alien ship landed in Grover’s Mill, a town in New Jersey. Without saying a word, the Martians began to attack with their laser beams the local population and the first platoons of the army that offered resistance. Little by little the Martian ships moved towards New York, where they sowed the panic…

A few years before, after a period of heavy rains, a ship ran aground on the top of a mountain. From it came out a host of colonizing species willing to repopulate the world. Ostriches, ants, hippos and Noah’s family…

What’s the difference between a fictional narrative and a factual one? Why do we know that a narrative is telling “real facts” and not invented? How is “the truth” built? Is there “the truth”? If it does not exist, then are all stories versions of the same lie?

When Moses writes about Noah, he does so by copying the model of oral stories of the time, the communicative vehicle that carried the truth and the news of the moment.

When Orson Welles came up with his radio version of The War of the Worlds, he did so with the intention of alerting the listeners that the radio, the champion vehicle of truth and veracity in its time, could be conveniently used to sneak fake facts as true, to manipulate the listener.

When Putin subsidizes Russia Today tv channel, the Snake APT hackers or sets an army of false Twitter accounts, it does so to sow chaos and doubt within the hegemonic narrative of the Western liberal democracies and their “peace mission” in the world, to question “the truth” and thus benefit the role of Russia and its foreign policy (to make the annexation of Crimea seem inevitable, for example).

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